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Optimist Residence

Project Description

Realized in Fikirtepe, the symbol of urban transformation in Istanbul, Optimist Residence was designed by RMJM, one of the most important architectural companies in the world. Of traditional Turkish architecture and implemented taking into consideration the needs of today’s project is a step up vertical gardens, which carries a first housing standards in Turkey. The apartments in the project have a ceiling height of 3.40 meters gross and 3.15 meters net. When the Optimist Residence project is completed, 1 + 1 apartments are expected to find tenants from 2 thousand TL. The project is expected to make a 50 percent premium until delivery. Optimist Residence, located at the intersection of land, sea and air transportation, is very close to many points. The project rises 150 meters from Ayrılık Çeşmesi stop, which is the intersection point of Marmaray and Kadıköy-Kartal metro, and 200 meters from the intersection of Uzunçayır metrobus and Ünalan metro. Turkey’s best hospitals and a few minutes away from Marmara University’s Training and Research Hospital.

Project Highlights
24 hour security
Security with the camera
Outdoor pool
Children’s swimming pool
Children’s playgrounds
the cafe
Decorative pool
Luxury fitness center
Sun terrace
Standard water tank
Central heating
Parents’ bath
Laundry room

Brief about the Kadikoy district of Istanbul
Kadıköy, a favorite among Asian siders, has always had a special place in the hearts of Istanbulites for its cultural and art activities, restaurants and cafés, and historical background. Kadıköy is like a central station for most. Even if Kadıköy is not the final destination, taking a boat to the Kadıköy pier is like an excuse to enjoy a brief glimpse of this district for those crossing to the Asian side. And even if you’re not a native of Kadıköy, the district makes you feel at home the moment you get there. Because Kadıköy offers a blend of entertainment and nostalgia for all ages. Each street and venue in Kadıköy has a whole different ambiance. And this beautiful atmosphere is the legacy of the many long years that have passed to date. Here is the story of Kadıköy, the heart of the Asian side, from past to present.
The history of Kadıköy dates back thousands of years. So much so that the district is known to have played host to many civilizations in the BC era. According to historical reports, the Phoenicians lived in somewhere around Fikirtepe circa BC 1000 under the name Harhadon. There was also a second area of settlement called Chalcedon, which was located between Moda Burnu and Yoğurtçu neighborhoods of modern Kadıköy. Chalcedon reached enormous fame with its Apollon Temple during its existence. The Byzantine Empire which settled in the Seraglio Point in BC 658 developed an utmost fascination with that place. They were so bewitched by the beauty of the place that they started to describe those settling in Kadıköy, the opposite side, as blinds. Hence Kadıköy was given the names “The Land of the Blind” and “The Country of the Blind”.

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